Lindsey Lewis Smithson

Lindsey Lewis Smithson has her MFA from UCR’s Palm Desert Low Residency MFA. She is the Managing Editor for The Coachella Review and the Founder and Managing Editor of Straight Forward Poetry. Some of her poetry has appeared on The Nervous Breakdown, This Zine Will Change Your Life, and additional poems are forthcoming from Word Riot. She also reads for Hobart and The Whistling Fire.

The Last Day I Spent Alone
a poem

I walk in
to the candle
bought at the fair.

Strawberry hangs
alongside the eves
at sunset tonight.

Alone on gray tile
the kitchen spreads
out of reach.

I meet Billy
again in the water
reflecting from the floor.

Our picture frames
hold the empty photos
of other families.

The breeze sweeps
the dirt and papers
and I let them all go.