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~SOLD OUT~ Our first print issue, an 80-page perfect-bound book full of poetry, fiction, essays, interviews, and reviews.
Printed and bound in San Francisco.

Letter From The Editor (Issue 1)

Dear Readers,

With production of our first print issue, we’ve entered the fray. There are myriad literary magazines to choose from. Patrons of new prose, nonfiction, and poetry have an astounding number of excellent options. Because of all the choices you have as a consumer - as a reader who enjoys following, supporting, and exploring new movements in writing - I consider it a tremendous compliment to us and a major credit to our contributors that you’ve picked up The Cossack Review.

Without any theme or motif in mind, trends have nonetheless emerged in this issue. Whereas our first issue was the occasion of a convergence around the ideas of reminiscence, summer, and dual realities, we here encounter a very different type of center: what it means to live in the suburbs, to inhabit cities, to deconstruct our homes - and what it means to leave, how we come back, and how we cope with the small deaths of place and season around us.

I’m excited to feature the work of so many new writers alongside some more familiar names, and in particular to include an abundance of shorter fiction pieces that boast a depth of meaning that defies their relative lengths. I hope that these pieces will bring you back into the pages of this issue again and again.

This volume was designed with your reading experience and its physical appearance and feel in mind. Meant to be held, loved, and thumbed, we forewent a traditional “glossy” look and nixed bright colors, leaving only the words and materials to speak for themselves.

Don’t miss recommended reading and 5 Questions for 5 Poets at the end of the issue. You’ll enjoy the responses we got from D.A. Powell, Ada Limón, Matthew Zapruder, Helen Vitoria, and Melissa Stein. This interview series will continue in future issues, as we attempt to find out together whether poets really do have all the answers.

- Christine Gosnay