Bernadette Ulsamer

Bernadette Ulsamer earned a BA in Poetry and a MLIS from University of Pittsburgh and a MFA from Carlow University. Her poetry has appeared in Pittsburgh City Paper, The Main Street Rag, Ophelia Street, and Girls with Glasses Literary Journal, and has been anthologized in Voices from the Attic vol. 13-15,18, Along These Rivers Poetry and Photography of Pittsburgh, and Dionne’s Story. Ulsamer was featured in July 2006 on WYEP’s Prosody, a radio program of contemporary poets and writers.


The same black as my eyeliner.
My dress matches the rain
weathermen warn will turn to dirty snow.
Everyone can see I’ve gone to mass.

The sky turns from grey
to a darker grey same as the sidewalks
stripped between rush hour break-lights.
I have fish for dinner.

My forehead leaves its mark
on the white pillowcase.
Other stains remain untreated.
I hate fish, prefer steak, medium rare, a little bloody.

I jam too-big pieces of it in my mouth,
like some cheerleader swallowing
a black-eye-greased football player
still unshowered after the game.

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