Tony Morris

Tony Morris’s most recent book is Greatest Hits (Puddinghouse Press, 2012). Other books include Back to Cain (The Olive Press, 2006), and Fugue’s End (Birch Brook Press, 2004). His work has been published in Spoon River Review, Hawai’i Review, Southern Poetry Review, River Styx, Meridian, The Sewanee Theological Review, South Dakota Review, Connecticut Review, Mississippi Review, Green Mountains Review, and others. He is the director of the Ossabaw Island Writers’ Retreat.

Ford Skyliner Slam
excerpt from the poem

I didn’t know till I was eight
that death could roll a man into a ball
and spit him out from underneath
the front end of a car, but at a small dirt
track in Georgia, 1966, as coupes
and four-doors blasted
round the turns, crashing
through the chaos at the figure-eight
crossover, unstopped headers blaring
out into the night, bright lights flooding
down on all the dust and smoke,
I watched a low-slung Ford Skyliner slam
against a white Dodge Dart and as they whirled
and spun apart and busted through the bales
that lined the field, the banged-up Dart
shot out across the track, veering wildly
in reverse from right to left and back again,
when there he was,
a pitman wearing coveralls who’d jumped
into the madness, chasing down
the car that, driven by strange
purpose, turned suddenly and stalked ...

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