Issue 4

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Issue 4, "Transit," features prose and poetry from 19 contributors. Also in this issue: 5 Questions for Poets, and two reviews.

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Letter From the Editor

Dear Readers,

Welcome to our fourth issue, a deep dive to the other side of usual. To discover the long past, speak the discourse of the senses, and taste the distance possible in someone else’s words is a joy. We have selected work from nineteen writers who create strange, overgrown worlds in clean and controlled ways, making transit through those worlds a rich and realized journey.

From the tight disorder of Dan Gutstein’s “I Depreciate That” to the fantastic displays in Susan Frith’s “Hollow-Cut” and J. Bowers’s “Lady, The Mind-Reading Mare,” to Ivan de Monbrison’s astonishing little graveyard: here, the mind must travel with its guidebook tightly-clutched.

As always, the journal was designed to be held, bent, folded, touched, and loved. Read a review of two outstanding books, Matthew Siegel’s Blood Work and Chloe Honum’s The Tulip-Flame, in our new feature The Genuine. And don’t miss the latest answers in our 5 Questions for Poets series all the way at the back of the book, with insight from Diana Khoi Nguyen, Kelly Cressio-Moeller, Martha Silano, and Sara Eliza Johnson.

- Christine Gosnay