Issue 5

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Issue 5 features 102 pages of prose, poetry, and translation from 22 contributors. Also in this issue: 5 Questions for Poets, and recommendations from the editors.

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Letter From the Editor

Dear Readers,

Our fifth issue features ambitious and remarkable work from twenty-two very different writers. In this book we have everything from a pantoum on the subject of reproduction to a short story about three grocery stores to a meditation on three workers on the I&M canal to an essay in four parts—each 324 words long—to two poems in translation from the Filipino.

Nonetheless, a leitmotif emerges quite clearly as I read these 100 pages. Each writer has handled and made vivid an intangible quality that is exceedingly difficult to capture: personality. Every piece expresses itself with unexpected candor and variation. The deeply personal voice that intones along with us in our thoughts when we read, the voice we rarely notice as we go about the quiet task of reading, will speak more richly than usual when it accompanies this lively and interesting work.

Our series Five Questions for Poets continues. This time around, we put our five questions to Javier Zamora, Stefanie Wortman, and Joseph Massey. Find three pages of new book recommendations from the editors and readers at the back of the book. And when you have finished reading this issue, be certain to open our website and read our recent Fall Web Issue for more excellent writing.

- Christine Gosnay