Bri Bruce


Shipyard in late spring heat,
harbor docks in the steady heave of tide
waves push upon the shoreline,
draw back. I had seen
some years ago
a migration of thousands
small cetaceans, Tursiops truncates,
dance at the bow of a passing ship.

Now, in the distance
the sea widens:
finned passage north
blue fluke on gray horizon,
while farther across the Pacific,
a cove in Taiji:
blood in the swelling
of tide.

Bri Bruce is a recent graduate of the University of California at Santa Cruz where she studied post-modern literature and creative writing, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree. Bruce is currently a freelance writer and amateur photographer living and working in Santa Cruz, California. Her work, both poetry and photography, has appeared in Celebrate!, Chinquapin Magazine, Tattoo Highway, Ampersand, Red Fez Entertainment, Matchbox Magazine, The Avocet Review, Atom Magazine, and Northwind Magazine. Bruce lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

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