Rodney Nelson

American Radio

I do not have the embouchure
to blow an ivory horn and
Roncesvalles Colorado
is not a gig on any map

a bellying of cloud in sun
may make me want to go out there
but never Corbenic Utah
to find what everyone found

you are the only one and what
I have been looking for as were
the young dead armored horsemen of
another self-benighted time

if once or again I met you
I would yell montjoie with reason
and we would fly and sing away
on American radio

Rodney Nelson's work began appearing in mainstream North American journals long ago, but he turned to fiction and did not write a poem for twenty-two years, restarting in the 2000s.
He has worked as a copy editor and lives in the northern Great Plains. His poem "One Winter" won a Poetry Kit Award for 2011 (U.K.). His "Upstream in Idaho" received a Best of Issue Award at the late Neon Beam. The chapbook Metacowboy was published in 2011, and another title, In Wait, is due this year.

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