Sabrina Ito


Burgundy deep 	curtains 
frame 	low-drop folds, 
Hang heavy   in two 

casual halves 
Dismantle, push apart 
skim floorboards 
sweep     mites into corners, 
into back-light, 
let the Artist  emerge 

from stage-left   Come phantasms 
spill flecks of sparkle 
into up-flowing streams of  white  orchid  light, 
pull cobwebs from gloss 
of young-haired singer 

certainties vibrate     like crying fish 
trapped under frozen lake 
Float into nose, 
swim to throat-backs, 
hold there, 
whisper to Brain, 

while music plumes through blood 
Drip tones into stomach where hollow notes 
twitch like unborn babies in sleep 
womb deep, 
forming eyes 
in darkness, 
and Blue 
      and so, 
             the auditorium 

Sabrina Ito currently lives in Honolulu with her husband, Victor and her baby son, Xander. Her work has appeared in Coachella Review, Slipstream Press, PMS poemmemoirstory and Cold Mountain Review. Sabrina also has work forthcoming in Clarion and Falling Star Magazine.

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