Karen Biscopink


viscera; largo

the hour in which 
the is of things
		 is other:

you are other		I am
	& in this othering

something shared. great chasms
glint with abundance – 

oxbow lakes, syllables
pushing out

on something sentimental. if is
takes the shape
		    of prayer

in my mouth
if you take the shape

of is
        in my mouth
other is just another

sigh: satisfaction
redundant in the uttering.

Karen Biscopink lives in San Francisco, CA. She has an MFA in poetry from the University of San Francisco. Karen is the co-founder and managing poetry editor of the nonprofit literary journal Your Impossible Voice, as well as the associate editor for Apogee Press. Her work has appeared in Clay Bird Review, Metazen, Watershed Review, and Hayden's Ferry Review. In her spare time, Karen volunteers for The Shanti Project.

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