New Literary Magazines and Writing Contests As Chances for New Writers

The largest problems for aspiring authors are getting detected, getting recognition, and becoming published. Many books will not even accept work from newer writers if they have not been published before.

Other people place their nose up to authors if they haven’t earned any awards or any writing competitions. The best options for newer authors are newer literary magazines. The majority of these publications are ready and prepared to publish previously unpublished authors.


Newer magazines do not supply the notoriety that celebrities like the New Yorker or Poetry, and many won’t be able to pay their writers right away, but this is okay. If you’re seeking to begin writing today and start earning the big bucks straight away, you need to stop reading this article right now and likely give up about the craft of composing completely.

Everything you need from these magazines is the opportunity to get your work published. If they could pay you, good. If they can not, that’s alright. Getting published is the main aim. Think of this as your invitation to the celebration. Your name is currently on the guest list.

An even better option is to find writing contests. Many literary magazines operate competitions for poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, offering awards, prize money, and publication.

In winning a competition you win a few things: you now have a contest/award to put in your bio, you finally have a magazine that published your job, and you got some spending money in the procedure.

In many cases, the existence of a entry fee considerably lowers the number of submissions, making your chances of winning very high. This fee usually goes towards paying the award to the winner of this competition.

Basically, it is like you’re buying a raffle ticket, only the caliber of your work impacts your odds of winning. The more confident you are in your work, the more assured you need to feel entering competitions.